Sham Enbashi
When i die, don't wear black

The dynamics of a child/parent relationship is a territory that I specifically became interested in after the disappearance of my parents from my life. My mother passed away a few years ago and my father moved to our hometown in Syria following that. For this project, I created portraits, staged arrangements and still life images that explore metaphors and documentary representations of two persons -one absent and one present- and a hometown. The images move between spaces I often visited during my brief trips to Syria and domestic settings that reflect the space of living that my father inhibits. The images that started as a tribute in memory of my mother, transformed into a documentation of a fractured husband and father who longs for company in the absence of his companion and children. Although my mother appears briefly in the images through documenting photos of her youth, I chose for her main representation to be present in the title rather than in the images. “ When I die, don’t wear black” was her repeating wish before she passed away.