Sham Enbashi
When i met myself

"An infinite time has run its course before my birth; what was I throughout all that time? Metaphysically, the answer might perhaps be: I was always I; that is, all who during that time said I, were in fact I."

- Jorge Luis Borges citing Schopenhauer, 1999

“When I Met Myself” is inspired by Labyrinths (1962) by Jorge Luis Borges. I do not intend to re-create Borges’ short stories visually but rather to create a similar world of fiction, which functions under a specific set of imaginary rules. Borges claims that all fantastic literature works follow four essential strategies: “the work within the work, the contamination of reality by dream, the voyage in time, and the double.”

The series portray the life of a boy and a girl who live in a fictious world that metaphysically follow different rules than our planet earth’s rules. In their world, there are two versions of each self that exist simultaneously from two different ages. For example, a self at the age of seven could exist with its future self at the age of twenty. The two selves grow at a different speed which results in both selves at a certain moment of time to be the same exact age resulting in an exact duplicate. The series is portrayed on two walls meeting at 90 degrees. The central corner frame is the starting point of the lives of the two kids and the two walls function as a timeline into the future as we move sideways in both directions away from the central frame. The boy and the girl are portrayed at different stages of their lives with their duplicates.