Sham Enbashi
Man as an unfinished world

chapter 1: man found wanting

"Man As An Unfinished World", is a body of work that consists of 3 chapters: “ Man Found Wanting,” “ Man Found Searching” and “Man Found Still Searching.”  Similar to drawing a diagram that can support a complex idea, the photos in each of the three chapters are diagrams to represent my understanding of the incompetence of man; our inability as humans to understand reality as a meaningful whole. Recognising this limitation becomes our teacher in life.

Man Found Wanting, starts with a self portrait represented by an arrangement of rocks reflecting my personal relationship with desire. I am mainly interested in rational desire that we are induced to have; a desire that we develop over time and not the ones naturally occurring within us. This desire drives us towards the attainment of something existing in reality or imagination. Does a desire fuelled with intellect and imagination maximize power? Can I endure and carry beyond my limits simply because I know what I want? The term ‘wanting’ is defined in the english dictionary as ‘lacking;’ something that is found wanting is something that is found lacking a certain thing or quality. On the other hand, I choose to define the term ‘wanting’ in this series as that which justifies enduring the unease of life. The journey through this series of photos shifts between an outer world (nature) and an inner world (compositional arrangements) to allow a sense of orientation between a personal journey that we have control over and a world existing beyond us that we cannot control.

This first chapter of the project is still ongoing and the following chapter 'Man Found Searching' represents the idea that not all that you desire you should follow, but in order to know which drive to follow you should allow the accumulative experience of your life lead you to your authentic desire, and once you identify that desire, you start searching for that which could fullfill it"